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CDO Squared is a software, services and consulting company with headquarters based in Schaumburg, Illinois. We provide Revenue Cycle Management services that integrate with your existing systems to add analytics and RCM reports and workflow management. Or, you can use our software solution for all your RCM needs with all the analytics, reporting and workflow built-in.

Using and transforming Healthcare Data is the core of what we do, so we also offer Healthcare Data Services including:

  • EMR Data Conversion to move clinical data from your old EMR to your new one
  • Healthcare Data Conversion to move financial from your old RCM system to your new one
  • Healthcare Data Integration to establish ongoing data connections between products

Through our corporate offices and branch offices nationwide we provide solutions that combine software, analytics, workflow and business process engineering to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Since we specifically service Healthcare businesses, we can provide guidance to your staff and corporate leadership that is based on our decades of industry experience. Utilizing our Software as a Service (SaaS) tools and data integration with any system, we deliver on our promise to Connect, Develop and Optimize your business.

For more information or to learn how we can help your business: Contact Us.


The team of experts behind the EMS-2 solution has been helping Emergency Medical Services organizations just like yours with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Contact us today to learn more and see what you've been missing.

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