Core Values

Each year the healthcare industry endures incredible ongoing changes and more financial difficulties than ever before. CDO Squared strives to offer the best value to our customers by creating the best and most flexible solutions for our clients...

We combine our time tested financial technology with innovative workflow strategies in a way that makes us unique to the industry. You get the best software and tools for analytics, visualization and financial management along with the industry experience of seasoned revenue cycle management professionals. We embrace technology standards like HIPAA that bring efficiency, communication and information sharing to the very complex and labor intensive healthcare environment. By cultivating the most capable and well trained team and equipping them with our powerful technology we become partners in your long term success.


The team of experts behind the EMS-2 solution has been helping Emergency Medical Services organizations just like yours with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Contact us today to learn more and see what you've been missing.

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