Revenue Cycle Management Dashboard

The CDO Squared revenue cycle management technology revolves around tools and measurements to gauge your historical performance and comparison to industry standards. Rather than a blur of statistical information or hard-to-understand reports, the CDO Squared RCM Dashboard offers graphs, charts and gauges that quickly show a summary of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). To learn more, use the clickable options to drill further into the underlying details. Understand which locations and lines of business are driving your revenue and profits compared to the ones that underperform. With these powerful tools at your fingertips you’ll see your data like never before.

The CDO Squared RCM Dashboard was designed with managers, partners and owners in mind. The KPIs measure the productivity, billing and collections data you’ll want to see every day. If you’re out of the office or on the run, check the current Dashboard details from your smart phone or other tablet device from anywhere.



The team of experts behind the EMS-2 solution has been helping Emergency Medical Services organizations just like yours with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Contact us today to learn more and see what you've been missing.

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