Emergency medicine responders need clearly defined standard operating procedures to do their jobs to perfection and running your organization works the same way. You need a well tuned business operation to deliver your services profitably and effectively. Using EMS-2, you'll have the tools to do true business development and optimze your procedures and workflows. The team at CDO Squared has been helping companies like yours streamline and transform for more successful opeations for decades.

EMS-2 provides the information and insight you need to take your business forward through the ever changing challenges you face as the business of healthcare evolves. Using technology to minimize costs while meeting the demands of modern managed care is critical and the CDO Squared tools, technolgy, consulting and training is there at every step to give you the assistance you need.

A Clear Action Plan For Your Business

  • Quickly and properly handle managed care authorizations
  • Get your billing and documentation handled quickly and efficiently
  • Proactively handle special requirements of your insurance payers
  • Leverage the power of connectivity with partners to minimize your costs
  • Understand and manage the profitability for all your sources of business
  • Steer your business for the future with ready access to key information


The team of experts behind the EMS-2 solution has been helping Emergency Medical Services organizations just like yours with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Contact us today to learn more and see what you've been missing.

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